CISCRP’s staff is dedicated to providing education and information about clinical research. We work to raise awareness, enhance experiences, and strengthen communication and relationships among participants, research professionals, and the public.


Educating the Public

We strive to educate and help patients, their family members, and members of the general public that are interested in clinical research understand the process and what it means to be a clinical research participant. We then help locate ongoing clinical trials through our free service called Search Clinical Trials, and honor those who have participated in clinical research.

Helping Professionals

We help professionals better understand the study volunteer with facts and figures, polls, surveys and other resources, while promoting a greater awareness of clinical trials. Additionally, we offer brochures, videos, books, posters and other materials that help clients and patients understand clinical research, and provide opportunities for professionals to stay involved in clinical research. 

Get Informed. Get Involved.

Together, we have the power to rebuild public trust, increase public awareness and educate even more patients about clinical research.